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DIN EN ISO Yellow Page

fastenerHexagon head bolts and screws
fastenerHexagon head bolts and screws for use in structural steelwork
fastenerHexalobular head bolts
fastenerHexalobular socket head cap screws
fastenerHexagon socket head screws
fastenerWeld screws
--Weld screws with metric head
   DIN 34817

fastenerSquare head bolts
fastenerSlotted head screws
fastenerCross recessed head screws
fastenerScrew and washer assemblies
fastenerDouble end studs
fastenerTapping screws
fastenerThread forming screws
fastenerHexagon socket set screws
fastenerMiscellaneous bolts and screws
fastenerClevis pins
--Clevis pins with head and stud end
   DIN 1445

--Clevis pins without head (ISO 2340:1986)
   DIN EN 22340 | Replace DIN 1443

--Clevis pins with head (ISO 2341:1986)
   DIN EN 22341 | Replace DIN 1444

--Taper pins with thread ends and constant taper lengths
   DIN 258

--Grooved pins,half - length grooved,with gorge
   DIN 1469

--Rivet pins
   DIN 7341

--Unhardened taper pins(ISO 2339:1986)
   DIN EN 22339 | Replace DIN 1

--Unhardened taper pins with internal thread(ISO 8736:1986)
   DIN EN 28736 | Replace DIN 7978

--Unhardened taper pins with external thread (ISO 8737:1986)
   DIN EN 28737 | Replace DIN 7977

--Parallel pins,of unhardened steel and austenitic stainless steel(ISO 2338:1997)
   DIN EN ISO 2338 | Replace DIN 7

--Parallel pins with internal thread,of unhardened steel and austenitic stainless steel(ISO 8733:1997)
   DIN EN ISO 8733 | Replace DIN 7979

--Parallel pins,of hardened steel or martensitic stainless steel(Dowel pins)(ISO 8734:1997)
   DIN EN ISO 8734 | Replace DIN 6325

--Parallel pins with internal thread,of hardened steel and martensitic stainless steel(ISO 8735:1997)
   DIN EN ISO 8735 | Replace DIN 7979

--Grooved pins,full - length parallel grooved,with pilot (ISO 8739:1997)
   DIN EN ISO 8739 | Replace DIN 1470

--Grooved pins,full - length parallel grooved,with chamfer(ISO 8740:1997)
   DIN EN ISO 8740 | Replace DIN 1473

--Grooved pins,half - length reverse - taper grooved (ISO 8741:1997)
   DIN EN ISO 8741 | Replace DIN 1474

--Grooved pins,one - third -length centre grooved (ISO 8742:1997)
   DIN EN ISO 8742 | Replace DIN 1475

--Grooved pins,half-length centre grooved (ISO 8743:1997)
   DIN EN ISO 8743

--Grooved pins,full-length taper grooved (ISO 8744:1997)
   DIN EN ISO 8744 | Replace DIN 1471

--Grooved pins,half-length taper grooved (ISO 8745:1997)
   DIN EN ISO 8745 | Replace DIN 1472

--Grooved pins with round head (ISO 8746:1997)
   DIN EN ISO 8746 | Replace DIN 1476

--Grooved pins with countersunk head (ISO 8747:1997)
   DIN EN ISO 8747 | Replace DIN 1477

fastenerStraight pins,roll pins
fastenerSplit pins
--Spring cotters
   DIN 11024

--Split pins (ISO1234:1997)
   DIN EN ISO 1234 | Replace DIN 94

fastenerRetaining rings
fastenerShim rings
fastenerHexagon nuts
fastenerSquare nuts
fastenerCastle nuts
fastenerCap nuts
--Hexagon cap nuts
   DIN 917

--Hexagon domed cap nuts
   DIN 1587

fastenerPrevailing torque type nuts
--Prevailing torque hexagon domed cap nuts with non-metallic insert
   DIN 986

--Prevailing torque type hexagon nuts with flange(with non-metallic insert)(ISO 7043:1997,modified)
   DIN EN 1663 | Replace DIN 6926

--Prevailing torque type all-metal hexagon nuts with flange (ISO 7044:1997,modified)
   DIN EN 1664 | Replace DIN 6927

--Prevailing torque type hexagon nuts with flange(with non-metallic insert)with metric fine pitch thread (ISO 12125:1997)
   DIN EN 1666 | Replace DIN 6926

--Prevailing torque type all-metal hexagon nuts with flange with metric fine pitch thread (ISO 12126:1997,modified)
   DIN EN 1667 | Replace DIN 6927

--Prevailing torque type hexagon nuts (with non-metallic insert),style 1 - Property classes 5,8 and 10(ISO 7040:1997)
   DIN EN ISO 7040 | Replace DIN 982|DIN 6924

--Prevailing torque type all-metal hexagon nuts,style 2 - Property classes 5,8, 10 and 12(ISO 7042:1997)
   DIN EN ISO 7042 | Replace DIN 980|DIN 6925

--Prevailing torque type all-metal hexagon nuts,style 1- Property classes 5,8 and 10(ISO 7719:1997)
   DIN EN ISO 7719

--Prevailing torque type hexagon thin nuts (with non-metallic insert )(ISO 10511:1997)
   DIN EN ISO 10511 | Replace DIN 985

--Prevailing torque type hexagon nuts (with non-metallic insert),style 1,with metric fine pitch thread-Property classes 6,8 and 10(ISO 10512:1997)
   DIN EN ISO 10512 | Replace DIN 982|DIN 6924

--Prevailing torque type all-metal hexagon nuts,style 2,with metric fine pitch thread - Property classes 8,10 and 12(ISO 10513:1997)
   DIN EN ISO 10513 | Replace DIN 980|DIN 6925

fastenerPlain washers
fastenerWeld nuts
--Square weld nuts
   DIN 928

--Hexagon weld nuts
   DIN 929

--Hexagon weld nuts with flange
   DIN 977

fastenerKnurled nuts
--Knurled nuts with collar
   DIN 466

--Short Knurled nuts
   DIN 467

--Knurled nuts
   DIN 6303

fastenerMiscellaneous nuts
fastenerWood screws
fastenerSpecial washers
fastenerWashers for screw and washer assemblies
fastenerWashers for use in structural steelwork
fastenerDrilling screws with tapping screw thread
fastenerThreaded bar
--Threaded rod
   DIN 975

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