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Jiaxing Fastener Exports Drop 19.49% in first half

Jiaxing’s fastener exports dropped 19.49% year-on-year to $368 million in the first half of 2016, while imports of fasteners increased 15.73% year-on-year to $15 million.

Jiaxing Fastener Export Highlights in H1:

U.S, EU and Russia remained the three largest importers of Jiaxing’s fasteners, taking up 57.7% of the total fastener exports with value to $212 million. Exports to US dropped 23.09% to $109 million. Exports to EU decreased 11.2% to $67 million. Exports to Russia declined 25.24% to $36 million.

The number of big exporters decreased. There were 6 companies exporting fasteners exceeding 10 million in the first six months, compared with 10 companies in same period of last year.

The fastener export price dropped. The average export price for the steel or iron fasteners dropped 15.4% to $1030/ton in the first half of 2016. The average price for the copper fasteners declined 25.3% to $8,278/ton, and average price for the aluminum fasteners decreased 16.1% to $4,545/ton.

2016/8/12 17:22:00

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