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Dayang Fastener Factory--Perspective determines results

"The upgrade in "quality" and "quantity" is their development focus. Dayang is now actively preparing for the production of non-standard parts and stepping close to offering comprehensive fastener categories, with an aim to satisfy customers' needs. "

It's quite natural to connect Dayang with ocean in terms of Chinese, and it is perfectly described Dayang Fastener Factory as "a vast ocean that can hold thousands of rivers". Since it was established in 2000, this company, which is located in Haiyan Zhejiang, has been committed itself to fastener career: Attracting mass customers from home and abroad by excellent products and sound service; offering customers with a full range of fasteners.

Actually, the nature and function of products are quite similar in the same industry. The key to win is to provide unique value-added to the same products. Although Dayang still produces hex bolts, carriage bolts, hex lag screws, thread rods and hex nuts, their constant prosperity is largely attributed to its perspective of "service first". Ms. Zhang, Manager of Dayang said, "Our competitiveness is our more excellent service under the same price."

It's really strange for some of the Chinese companies to always open new markets and develop new customers but not to care about the loss of the regular ones. As a matter of fact, it is regular customers that truly drive the growth of a company. And the market demand forecast is always based on the regular customers instead of the new ones. Dayang is so familiar with it that they mainly deal with foreign orders and set their goal to serve regular customers. The company believes the power of reputation is endless. Once the regular customers rely on the company, they will introduce new customers who will be likely to become their regular customers. A snowball-like healthy circle enables Dayang to keep developing markets in Europe and the US. Although topics such as financial crisis, fluctuation of raw material price, appreciation of RMB, are commonly talked these days, the reason why Dayang continues to grow is that they have established good relations with regular customers and achieved mutual understandings.

Product is not only the premise for a company to enter the market, but also a fundamental basis for a company to survive. The upgrade in "quality" and "quantity" is their development focus. Dayang is now actively preparing for the production of non-standard parts and stepping close to offering comprehensive fastener categories, with an aim to satisfy customers' needs.

In fact, "Dayang" conveys the emotions from the businessmen: In Chinese, "Dayang" also means "currency". They company chose this name in the hope of booming business! Certainly, its focus on customers and products is making it popular!

2009/4/16 10:29:00


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