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Turn Dream into Reality--An Interview with Mr. He Qi, General Manager of China Worldbest Holding Ltd.

A successful person always dreams big. If the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count. Mr. He Qi, general manager of China Worldbest Holding Ltd., is practicing this philosophy step by step and turning his dream into reality.


He Qi, general manager of China Worldbest

When asked the naming of the company, He Qi replied, “The Chinese name of ‘China Worldbest’ is pronounced ‘He Yang’. You can imagine how strong and vigorous the seedlings (seedling is pronounced ‘He’ in Chinese) are when they grow in the morning sun (sun is pronounced ‘Yang’ in Chinese), which represents good harvest for the future of ‘He Yang’. Another reason for using this name is that my son is called ‘He Yang’, who is now studying at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School.” He Qi was very pleased when talking about his excellent son, for his son has grown up and is getting ready to become his excellent successor.

Keeping his dream in mind, He Qi has worked hard for seven years by turning China Worldbest from an unknown company to an excellent one with an annual export value of 20 million US dollars, a legend in China fastener industry for its rapid growth.

China Worldbest advertised on the cover of CFD

There must be an impressive story behind its extraordinary and big-leap-forward development achieved within just seven years. Reporter of China Fastener Info takes you to review the history of China Worldbest to see how He Qi’s dream comes true.

Dream Begins with First Deal

In 1989, He Qi was assigned to a state-owned screw factory after graduation. It was an old state-owned factory with more than 1,000 workers and it was an influential one both at home and abroad. Majoring in industrial electrical automation, he was assigned to the equipment department where he learned fastener making processes, such as wire drawing, cold heading, thread rolling, heat treatment, surface treatment, packaging, etc. and began to get familiar with fastener industry. He had worked at this job for 10 years.

However, the 10-year stable work never ceased his passion: He wanted to go outside for the wonderful world. Therefore, he made an important decision: I wanted to start my own business.

He Qi was nominated Top 10 China E-trader in 2004

In 2005, He Qi established China Worldbest Holding Ltd. with registered capital of 1.08 million yuan, which marked the beginning of his business career.

The beginning is always difficult. The first few months went so uneasy that none orders were received. He Qi had to work around the clock to find business opportunities on the internet. Hard work really pays off. His sincerity finally touched an Indonesian customer, from whom he received his first order.

When mentioning this order, He Qi recalled, “I remember quite well that the Indonesian customer ordered soft black iron wire and prepaid 80,000 US dollars. He bought several batches, 200 tons for each batch. After I first inquired about the price from a wire factory in Zhangjiagang, the customer accepted the price. And then when I inquired about the price from another factory in Tianjin, to my surprise the unit price in Tianjin was 200 yuan lower than that in Zhangjiagang. Therefore, I got my first pot of gold. First customer + hard work = opportunities for success.”

Approach Dream with Trust

Soon afterwards, He Qi led his excellent team to a well-managed company. After seven years of endeavor, China Worldbest grew strong and made great achievements: Its annual sales increased from 2-3 million US dollars at the beginning to 20 million US dollars in 2011. Today, China Worldbest has cooperated with more than 100 factories, being an all-round fastener supplier. Its products, such as bolts, nuts, washers and screws, are popular in the international market. It is now expanding riggings, wire ropes, iron chains, which are well received by foreign customers.

Top 500 Export Enterprise Certificate presented by Russia

He Qi concluded, “It is trust that makes us survive in the fierce competition.” Also, his trust has won many long-term customers. In 2008, although He Qi was not able to receive payment from his customer who went bankruptcy in the financial crisis, He Qi paid what was owing to the factories.

If trust makes He Qi stand up in fastener industry, his considerate attitude enables China Worldbest to go popular in foreign market. He Qi noted, “It is very important to offer the best service to customers, so we attach great importance to enhance professionalism of our staff in order to satisfy customers’ requirements. Only if we are considerate to our customers can we achieve long-term development. Our rapid growth is attributed to this.”

Dream Never Ends

When talking about the current market situation, He Qi told reporter, “Affected by European and American debt crisis, we receive fewer orders than last year. The export value in this year is expected to decline to 10 million US dollars. We are now emphasizing on internal improvement, training and recruitment. At the same time, we are developing the emerging markets and launching advertisement campaigns to strengthen our presence in the overseas markets.”

Great ideal, trust and considerate service drive the amazing speed of China Worldbest. In the future, He Qi will make great efforts to build China Worldbest a well-known, professional and reputable fastener exporter.

A new round of challenge begins. China Worldbest keeps growing and He Qi’s harvest dream never ends.

2012/9/29 12:09:00


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