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Home->Fastener News->Top 100 China Fastener Suppliers 2018 UnveiledYou are the 598451 visitors
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Top 100 China Fastener Suppliers 2018 Unveiled

"Congratulations to "TOP 100 SUPPLIERS 2018"!"

China Fastener Info has unveiled the winners of "TOP 100 SUPPLIERS 2018" by counting total clicks of fastener suppliers on during the year of 2018, including views of company information, supply information, service information, company files, showroom images and search standards.

The award winners are listed in no particular order:

Dongtai Huawei Standard Component Corporation
hexagon bolts, hex socket cap screws, machine screws, self tapping screws, thread forming screws

Shanghai Minmetals - Fasteners
washers, screws, bolts, nuts, threaded rods, blind rivets

Zhejiang Minmetals Huitong Import &Export Co., Ltd.
hex nuts, square nuts, hex bolts

Jinglefast Industrial Co., Ltd.
hex bolts, hex cap screws, hex nuts

Yuyao Yuxin Fastener Systems Co., Ltd.
hollow wall anchors, wedge anchors, nylon anchors, sleeve anchors

Sanwei Fasteners Co., Ltd.
hex bolts & nuts, chipboard screws, anchors, thread rods

China Worldbest Holding Ltd.
drywall screws, chipboard screws, self drilling screws, hex bolts, riggings

Shanghai Shangdian Washer Co., Ltd.
washers, flat washers, spring washers

Yuyao Xintai Hardware Co., Ltd.
wedge anchors, sleeve anchors, chemical anchor studs, tie wire anchors

Zhejiang Junyue Standard Part Co., Ltd.
rod studs, threaded rods B7

Jiaxing Sini Fastener Co., Ltd.
carriage bolts, hex bolts, flange nuts, hex nuts

Sijin Intelligent Forming Machinery Co., Ltd.
bolt former, nut former

Bolt Mfg.Trade Ltd. Haiyan
hex bolts, carriage bolts, hex lag bolts, hex nuts

Haiyan Yougang Fasteners Factory/Haiyan Youfeng Fasteners Co., Ltd.
drywall screws, self-tapping screws, chipboard screws

Donglong Metal Mould Machinery Co., Ltd.
main die, punch die, case nut-forming die, folder die

Sumon Industrial (Jia Shan) Co., Ltd.
roller hearth type batch cycle annealing (called stc furnace)

Ningbo Economic & Technical Development Zone Yonggang Fasteners Co., Ltd.
carriage bolts, guardrail bolts, hex head bolts

Sheng Ling Ying Fasteners Co., Ltd.
chipboard screws, drywall screws, self-tapping screws

Taizhou Fenngye Metal Product Co., Ltd.
stainless steel self tapping screws, bolts, wedge anchors

Jiashan Rising Import & Export Co.,Ltd.
screws, expansion anchors, threaded rods, bolts, nuts

Yongnian County Tianbang Fasteners Co., Ltd.
hex bolts, anchor bolts, hex nuts

Haiyan AI & LUN Standard Fastener Co., Ltd.
hex nuts, threaded rods

Handan Shuangzi Metal Products Co., Ltd.
self drilling screws, drywall screws

Taicang Chaoyi Fasteners Co., Ltd.
brass screws, expansion bolts

Dongguan Sanhewlett Metal Products Co., Ltd.
non-standard fasteners, machine screws, self-tapping screws

Shanghai Biaowu High-Tensile Fasteners Co., Ltd.
nuts, flat washers, spring washers, screws

Zhejiang Yeswin Machinery Co., Ltd.
cold forging machines

Zhejiang Kahuan Technology Co., Ltd.
E type gasket series, U type nut series

Carlo Salvi (Guangzhou) Machinery And Equipment Ltd.
1 die 2 blow headers, 2 dies 4 blow headers, progressive headers, heading machines

LedaMetal Co., Ltd.
screws, washers, hardware, rings

Jiangsu Washen Fastener Manufacture Co., Ltd.
stainless steel rivets, blind rivets, structural rivets

Jingjiang Hengfeng Rivet Manufacture Co., Ltd.
stainless steel closed end blind rivets

Shanghai Aflon Metal Coating Co., Ltd.
Dacromet surface treatment, metal processing

Haining R-Best Hardware Co., Ltd.
rivet nuts, clinch nuts

Biing Feng (Dongguan Ansheng Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd.)
screws forming machines, high speed nut forming machines

Wenzhou Fengding Fastener Mfg. Co., Ltd.
flange bolts, hex bolts, machine screws, non-standard fasteners

Taiwan Huihung Industry Co., Ltd.
screw heading machines, multi-station screw forming machines

Dongguan Guanhong Hardware Technology Co., Ltd.
M3- M10, self-clinching nuts, waterproof nuts

Wenley Trading Co., Ltd.
electroplating chemicals, dry solid film lubricants for fasteners & bond coating industries

Ningbo Xian Feng Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
fuel injection nozzle, cold heading processing

Haiyan Hongrun Fasteners Co., Ltd.
flange bolts, flange screws, non-standard fasteners

Dongguan Hongda Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.
rivet machines, button machines, belt cutting machines

NYLOK®, precote®, 3M®, LOCTITE®, NYCOTE®

Jiulong Hardware & Stainless Steel Trade Center
Hardware & Stainless Steel Trading Center

Samchang Machinery Industrial