Seven Ways to Keep Rats and Mice Out in Naperville

Seven Ways to Keep Rats and Mice Out in Naperville

Rodents are pests that can cause serious home damage and pose health risks. That is why you should take steps to prevent them from entering your house. As with other pests in Naperville, rodents like mice and rats will try to invade your home to find food, water, and shelter. To prevent entry, here are steps you can take:

Seal Openings

Rodents can gain entry into your house through small holes and cracks in walls, foundations, and floors. Thoroughly inspect your property to find these openings and seal them. Caul can be used for smaller gaps and sealant for bigger holes. Keep an eye on areas around pipes, windows, and vents because rats and mice can also use them as entry points. These rodents can get inside through holes that are as small as your thumb. Make sure to check high and low as these rodents are skilled climbers.

Keep the Landscape Tidy

Rodents will find your property unattractive if the landscape is well-maintained. Make sure to trim overgrown vegetation, particularly near entrances because rats and mice usually use these as hideouts. To minimize the risks of rodents discovering a path to your windows and doors, ensure there is a buffer zone between the house and any dense vegetation.

Install Door Sweeps

Rats and mice can slip through gaps beneath your doors. By installing door sweeps, you prevent these pests from entering your home. pick durable materials to ensure they can withstand wear and tear.

Secure Your Trash Storage

Mice and rats are drawn to unsecured trash bins due to the availability of food. To prevent these rodents from attacking your trash, use bins that have tight-fitting lids and place them on elevated surfaces. Clean the area around these bins regularly to get rid of food residue that rats might want to attack.

Store Your Food Properly


Mice and rats are resourceful in finding food sources. So, make sure to store your food in airtight containers. Also, clean up spills right away and do not leave pet food out overnight. When you get rid of their sources of food and water, make will find your home or property less appealing.

Inspect Your Home Regularly

To prevent rodents from entering your house, you need to be vigilant. Schedule regular property inspections to identify and address possible vulnerabilities. Find signs of rodent activity like droppings, nesting materials, and gnaw marks. Through early detection, you can take prompt action before a serious infestation occurs. A pest control company can send technicians to regularly inspect your property for rodent activity and potential entry points.

Outdoor Population Control

Rodents consider suburban areas as a haven due to the availability of food, water, and harborage. Pest control experts can set up exterior bait stations as an extra layer of protection against rodents. Consult a pest control expert to make sure tamper-proof stations are utilized.

Preventing rats and mice from infesting your living space is an important step to maintaining a healthy and pest-free environment. Always stay vigilant and have your home inspected for rodents regularly.