Tips on How Long Opened Bottles of Wine Last

Tips on How Long Opened Bottles of Wine Last

You might be an adventurous seeker of the best storage temperature for wine to ensure the proper storage of your most beloved collection of wine bottles; therefore, in your quest to find the correct answers, you might come across many variants of the wine cooler or fridge, such as the wine fridge 400mm wide which is one of many in availability and easy to view online or at the stores themselves. Then, afterward, you might realize that such a unit should be the best conclusion for stored wine. In addition, a reliable wine fridge manufacturer can make and construct, put together, the best one that would suit your needs, for example, a single zone wine cooler for one type of wine storage needs or a dual zone that has two storage capacities for the storage of both red and white wine, encompassing the correct temperature in each unit compromising of two different constructions in one wine cooler or fridge. However, when looking at the model of the 400mm wide, there are also the same beneficial components in such a unit. However, this one, in particular, encompasses one space for storage and fits perfectly, and is best suitable for under-the-counter capacities.

Opened wine bottles

It is essential to realize that not all bottles of wine are set to last the same time or period as others; therefore, many believe that the right time to keep table wine, for instance, should be between three to five days; these types of wine can include both red and white wine. In addition, there are estimations that light white wines are typically kept during this period; however, with fuller bodies whites such as Chardonnays, the days to keep these liquids should be between two to three days, and when it comes to reds, the differences are pretty noticeable, for example, light reds, for example, Pinot Noir last between one to three days. On the other hand, full-bodied red wines, like Merlot, last between four to five days unopened, and fortified wines, such as ports, can be consumed within 28 days once opened.


The cons of a refrigerator

A refrigerator would tempt many wine drinkers to store their opened or unopened wine bottles within a standard refrigerator; however, this might not be such a good idea, especially if you desire the proper preservation of fine wine; it is believed that even table wine can be stored better if placed in the correct storage facility such as a wine cooler or a wine cellar. In addition, many would even want to pop that opened bottle of wine on top of the refrigerator. However, there might be better ideas, too; therefore, educating yourself on the importance of proper placement and refrigeration of wine within a good wine fridge is essential. For example, when placing your wine bottles inside a typical refrigerator appliance, the fluctuations of warm and cold air due to the rapid and constant opening and shutting off of the unit’s door might be detrimental to the very essence of the wine itself, leading to flat tasting wine due to sediment formation.

That’s a wrap, folk!

When summarising everything, it is clear that when opening a store-bought table wine, the proper storage of this wine itself is also necessary; however, storing these bottles is extremely important when it comes to fine dining wine bottles. In addition, when looking at the days in which the types of wines last, there is the prospect of enjoying these wines at their pivotal drinking aspects, and in understanding that when going over these times of consumption, the wine would be tasteless and dull.